California teacher under investigation for showing Live Action abortion videos

If they are considered old enough to have sex and to have abortions when they get pregnant, they should be educated about what actually occurs during an abortion. This is what education is all about.

“The district’s own policies advocate for sex education classes that “help students understand the biological, psychological, social, moral, and ethical aspects of human sexuality and shall comply with the requirements of law and administrative regulation,’” added Rose. “How can students understand the biological, moral, and ethical aspects of abortion without knowing what the abortion procedure entails for both the developing child and mother?

Source: California teacher under investigation for showing Live Action abortion videos


Planned Parenthood and Babies in the Womb

Educate yourself about abortion and babies in the womb,  and, then educate yourself about Planned Parenthood — decide for yourself about what is happening in this agenda to destroy human life. baby choice to live

#Day2: What if : love and fire?

Yes, this is what we all desire!


What if we have been mislead,
Thinking that love
Comes in form of a mellow
But really it’s a fire,
A soul depreciating fire
The fire that quenches
And blinds your eyes
To your dreams and
Slowly strips you to
The point that when
Your eyes finally opens
The fire would have
Done more damage than good,
Leaving you in a euphoric
Yet ephemeral haze
That leads no where?

What if, what if love
What if it can indeed be a mellow
As sweet and fulfilling
Fun and dream driven.
What if love can
Help achieve dreams
And brings hope once again;
I still believe there can be a way,
A way love doesn’t have to damage.

What if there is an easy love?
Love that makes one
Feel the cool warmth
Of fire without getting burnt,
The fire thats keeps two hearts as one,
Love and fire that builds…

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#Day4: Words of silence

Check out her blog, it is full of wonderful thoughts and reflections!


I have a lot to say
Yet I will stay quite
I am like a cup filled with water
Yet I am thirsty.
I am empty
Yet full of words.

I have a lot to say
But I will keep quiet;
Not because I am stupid
Or I don’t just know how to say it,
But only because I know
You are not ready,
Ready to hear my thoughts,
Ready to hear what I have to say.

Still, I have a lot to say
Yet I have nothing to say,
I am empty,
Yet full of word….

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#Day3: Disguise

This is excellent advice for us all!


Everyone has a disguise,
Pretending to be who thy are not
Yet, killing their true self
Just to please the world around them
Without knowing the collateral damage done;
The damage done to their souls.

Why do you have to do this?
Why are you inflicting so much pain on yourself?
The world will get and do what it wants, with or without you;

The disguise you put on
Is in no way better than who you really are;
Do yourself a favor
And act like the world isn’t watching
To be the true disguise of who you are.

(just be who you are and the right things and people will be attracted to you, you dont need to impress anybody, just BE YOU!!!)

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Teacher Under Fire for Showing Pro-Life Video of How Babies are Killed in Abortions

Unfortunately, children are not being told the truth about pregnancy and abortion and are left to learn only what is proclaimed by pro-abortionists. Here, one teacher has been trying to educate children so that they can learn both sides of the issue, but, that is being rejected and children will only know one side.

A California teacher is under fire after she showed a pro-life video about how babies are killed in abortions. The middle school teacher, Jenny Thomas of Su

Source: Teacher Under Fire for Showing Pro-Life Video of How Babies are Killed in Abortions