The act of stewardship 

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Hey guys am so sorry I haven’t posted in a while I actually don’t have any excuse for that. I was studying with my bible study group and I felt the need to share some things with you all. I hope this adds a lot to your life.

1. What is important to God

God is passionate about the salvation of his children. Finding your identity in Gods word, loving his word and living by his word; and using this knowledge you have gained this new found love to draw in more people to him by serving their interests and ministering his word to them.

Matthew 5 vs 13-16 is talking about believers being the salt and light of the world. In verse 16 the Bible explains that we should let our light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven; meaning…

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more sibs

Just look at this beautiful lemon yellow color! Isn’t it gorgeous!

a north east ohio garden

this is what can happen when two siblings are crossed.  Autumn Minaret is a small flower shaped like a trumpet.  Desert Icicle is a long petalled flatter flower.  the first generation of seedlings were more trumpet than flat.  crossing two of those seedlings with each other and more flat and open flowers result.  this is one of them.  two images…

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Just look at this flower, it is just beautiful! The colors are magnificent. Spring is coming!!

a north east ohio garden

this is a first generation cross.  14-143 11-1107-C x Pigment Of Imagination.  translation a seedling 11-1107-C that at the moment is mostly nameless.  and a cross with a color changing flower Pigment of Imagination.  the color changing is recessive.  it there is another seedling from this cross the recessive trait might be brought out by a sibling cross.  patience grasshopper.  when you can snatch the seeds from my hand plant them and see what happens.  three images…

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Can you have it all?

I am reposting this in the hopes that some of you, who are working/career mothers, will have some advice for this dedicated mother.

Ava Antoinette

Did anyone watch ‘The replacement’ on BBC last month? It was a three part thriller about maternity leave, and promised to explore ‘the darker side of working woman, motherhood and the issues that arise from making “the right choice”. It was brilliant, tense,  but disappointed me at the end when the lead character appeared to have given up her career in order to stay at home, after defending her position as a working mother throughout the whole drama. I felt a bit cheated, and disappointed that the writers had deemed that the only way the character could bond and cope with motherhood (she appeared to have problems in previous episodes with this) was to give up her job.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with either staying at home, working, or anywhere in between. Whatever works, works. But it did get me thinking, CAN you have it all?

I went back…

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