What Is All This Fuss About Abortion? Why Do So Many People Want To Have RoeVWade Overturned?

Do you think that abortion should continue to be legal? Do you, really, know what occurs during an abortion? Do you think that life in the womb is just a “clump of cells” or a shapeless parasite?

Fetal Development   Click on the link to see this illustration large enough to read.

The more knowledge that is brought to the surface, the more it is proven that embryos, fetuses and babies in the womb are 100% alive, 100% human, 100% worthy of the same rights as those of us who have had the privilege of being born.

Technology has come a long way since the legalization of abortion over 40 years ago. In the 1970s, the average pregnant woman didn’t know what her preborn child looked like at each stage of development. Then ultrasounds became standard practice, and as that technology improved, so did our ability to see inside the womb. Now, we can see what was impossible to see when the men on the Supreme Court of the United States decided to make abortion legal. I am sure, that if they had known and seen what would be presented to them, today, as evidence of human life, from an attorney representing the unborn children, the jurors would have voted down this horrific practice of torturing and killing human life in the womb. Today, we have all the evidence to show that growing life in the womb is a baby with a beating heart, human brain, all the internal organs, arms with hands and fingers, legs with feet and toes, eyes, nose, mouth, as well as ears.

To perform a surgical abortion, the cervix (neck of the womb) is dilated and an instrument called a cannula (suction catheter) is inserted in the woman’s womb. The cannula is attached to a tube which, in turn, is attached to a very powerful suction machine and the child is sucked into the tube, dismembering the child during the process. At first, a small cannula is used to tear off the arms and legs, then a larger cannula is attached, and used to pull out the torso, along with all the internal organs, since the rib bones are very soft and the rib cage can be compressed down small enough to be removed through the tube, by the intense suction. Then, in order to remove the head it must first be crushed, with the use of an instrument called a Sopher clamp, and, then it can be pulled out of the mother’s womb.

Click on the link to check out this article, as an abortion doctor describes the procedure:

An Abortion Doctor Describes a D&E Abortion

Most of the time, the fetus/baby is killed, first, by a shot of digoxin to stop his/her heart, but, sometimes the suction process, itself, is what kills the baby, instead. After the abortion, the “doctor” must inspect the remains to make sure that none of body parts still remain in the womb, so that they will not decay and become toxic to the woman.

This is what is done to kill and remove a growing baby from the mother’s womb.

Has your opinion changed about abortion?



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a north east ohio garden

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a north east ohio garden

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