Unique Images For Interior Decor

Ishi Gallery, on Etsy, is now offering 5×7 Framed prints. These are new derivatives of the Limited Edition Photographs that are, also, available in the gallery.  This image is called NYGalaxy and it is one of several images that are available as framed prints.  This intriguing print has a striking black frame with an antiqued silver inner band that enhances the metallic gold and silver design of the  painted rocks in the picture, as well as blending with the sand and driftwood.  It has clear shiny glass over the print, rings for hanging on the wall and an easel for standing on a table, desk or on a shelf in a bookcase.


You can see the other framed prints (with more to come within the next week), as well as the original photographs that they are derived from, in the gallery. The gallery, also, has greeting cards and note cards, that were derived from the photographs as well as painted rocks, gourds and boxes, and tote bags, coffee mugs, and other derivatives.  Click on this link to go to the gallery:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/IshiGallery



The 4 Elements-Air, Earth, Fire & Water

Donna, of DonnasArtisanDesigns jewelry shop on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/DonnasArtisanDesigns , curated this lovely Treasury Collection of creations by Etsy sellers. Click on the link, below, and that will take you to the Treasury; and, then, click on each photo, and that will take you to its’ listing, to learn more about it and to see more photos, too!


Capture The 4 elements Donna

Donna, included my pretty pink Rhodonite carved stone pendant necklace in her terrific Treasury. You can learn more about it, and see more photos by clicking on this link:


treasury Donna  full size photo


“Pebbles” Design Ishi Painted Stone

I have just listed another unique 3-Dimensional hand painted rock art creation, in my Ishi Gallery shop on Etsy.  This one is very colorful and sparkles with metallic paints and glitter highlights.  The design is called “Pebbles” with round dots of color in interesting patterns across and all around the rock.  I used blues, pink, green, and purple with silver for accent. The design background is flat black which sets off the satin metallic and glitter balls.  As usual, I leave a considerable amount of the natural stone showing, for a beautiful contrast to the painted and stained designs.  One side of the rock has glittered colored dots and the other side has glitter only on the silver dots, leaving the colors smooth with a satin metallic finish.  The rock can be set on the clear acrylic easel in many different directions, giving it the appearance of a different art work with each change of position.  Below you will see a few photos.

Read “About Ishi”  https://ishidee.wordpress.com/about/ to learn about Ishi Stones.   And, if you read the “About Me” section, https://ishidee.wordpress.com/about-me/you will learn all about how Ishi Stones came to be and what has evolved from them.

Multi color metallic Pebbles stone 1   DSCF5602

Multi color metallic Pebbles stone 2 straightened contrast   DSCF5600


Multi color metallic Pebbles stone 1 straightened brighter  DSCF5602 - Copy

Multi color metallic Pebbles stone 6    DSCF5603


Colorful and Fantastic Collections of Beautiful and Unique Creations for Sale on Etsy.

Treat yourself to a wonderland of beauty and unique creations, for sale on Etsy.  Each link will take you to a colorful and artistic collection of items that you will enjoy seeing.  When you get to each collection, you will be able to click on the items in it, which will take you to the listing for that item, where you can learn more about it and the price.  You will, also, be able to see more items that that shop has to offer, too.

So, click on the links, below, and enjoy!








Valrart: Friday 10/31 *Brand New* Treasury of Great Creations For Sale on Etsy

Valentina Ra, of ValrArt gallery on Etsy, arranged this fascinating Treasury Collection of unique and colorful creations for sale on Etsy. Click on the link, below, and that will take you to the Treasury; and, then, click on each photo, and that will take you to its’ listing, to learn more about it and to see more photos, too!

Capture Treasury Valrart
I am very pleased that Valentina decided to include my unique seascape photography note cards!  Click on this link and you will be taken to my note cards section, where you will see this image and more note card designs:
treasury Val


Although I have always loved jewelry, and I have collected beautiful and unique designs of new and Vintage Designer costume jewelry, creating jewelry, myself, was never an interest of mine.  In fact, it was the last thing that I thought that I would ever do!  I fell into it, only, by chance. Once bitten by the “Beading Bug”, I found myself, totally, obsessed with this craft and its’ varied styles and techniques.  I, soon, became one of the “Beaders”, myself, and joined millions of others.  I am, now, a member of the “Jewelry On Etsy Team” (JETs) and have my own jewelry shop on Etsy.

Check out my “Jetteam” Profile page to learn about me, how and why I became interested in creating jewelry, and what inspires me. http://jewelryonetsyteam.blogspot.com/2014/03/jet-artisan-profile-delores-malcomson.html   This page will lead you to my jewelry shop, where you can see my one of a kind jewelry pieces, as well as my art gallery, on Etsy, where you will see my unique art creations and deriviatives.

Here is a sampling of jewelry that I have made, that is, now, in my shop:  Foto Flexer photo collage of my jewelry


Snowy Path—An Elegant Collection of Etsy Creations That You Must See!

Verena G, of VerenaGItaly shop on Etsy, curated this elegant Treasury Collection of gorgeous creations on Etsy.  Click on the link, below, and that will take you to the Treasury; and, then, click on each photo, and that will take you to its’ listing, to learn more about and to see more photos, too! https://www.etsy.com/treasury/NDU0NDEwNjJ8MjcyNDIwOTU0MQ/snowy-path Capture Snowy Path
I am so honored that Verena included my rock art in this fantastic Treasury! Check out the listing to see the different faces that this art work presents. With each turn of position, it looks like a different art piece.