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a north east ohio garden

like a book.  some flowers are like that.  once you start to read it it is oh so hard to put down.  i just need to rearrange the library a little bit.  it is on the wrong shelf.  time to change the dewy decimal system again.  four images…

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We Are Civilized?

We call ourselves civilized and we debate whether or not we should kill and dismember human beings, growing in the womb, because they may or may not feel pain.  We accept the lies, that are fed to us, that they are only “groups of cells” and “blobs of fllesh”, when in reality they are miniature human bodies with all the organs and body parts that we, ourselves, have. We ignore the obvious facts, taking the word of self proclaimed experts, allowing embryos and fetuses to be poisoned and put to death and, then, cut into pieces and removed from the womb without even knowing what they, really, look like. We rationalize that because it is the law of the land to kill these tiny human beings that it is ok to do so, and that we should continue to permit this. And, now, we are buying into the lie that these beings are not even human. Thank God there are some people who, actually, acknowledge the truth and are working to try to save life in the womb. If more people would learn the facts, they would wake up and petition the Senate to vote for the Late-Term Abortion Ban. And, if people would take the time to watch videos of humans in the womb, and the procedure of killing them and dismembering them, people would be educated enough to realize what they are, actually, agreeing to when the approve of abortion.

stages of baby abortion


See these videos to learn the process of life during pregnancy:


The Secret Life in The Womb

The Second Trimester

The Third Trimester



shaddows and reflections

Isn’t this gorgeous! Just look at the pure white pedals with ruffled edges and the beautiful yellow green centers outlined by the triangular magenta color. Want to have beautiful flowers, like this, delivered to your computer or other device? Click here and suscribe:

a north east ohio garden

this is a seedling from the line of Stella’s Ruffled Fingers.  they tend to be short, about 18 inches 2.54 cm and to bloom early in the season.  this one has the flower shape and form of its ancestor.  the color is its own, white with a red eye zone.  three images…

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this year’s image

Isn’t this lovely!

a north east ohio garden

back on July 10th the sibling flower was posted.  and while the shape is similar the color is a bit different.  tonight’s flower has a speckled coloration.  will it stay that way when it is moved from the seedling bed ?  i hope so.  variety.  and the image is better focused than last october.  three images…

14-135 11-0727A Blue Lustre ( breath of blue air x mascara snake) x 11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream

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