Did the Mangrove Tree De-Salt Water?

I have been learning about the Exodus and when I came across the Bitter Waters of Marah I was curious as to what could take away the bitterness. With an Internet search I found this Blog and I am so impressed that I have started to Follow it. I think that after you have read this article you will want to follow it, too. Enjoy!

God as a Gardener

Saltcrystals_on_avicennia_marina_var_resinifera_leavesThe incident of the Israelites’ complaints against Moses at Marah is in Exodus 15: 23-27.

The events that preceded “Moses and Mangrove Trees” included the Israelite exodus from Egypt and the destruction of Pharaoh’s army. Now, the Israelites were safe from pursuit and ready to head for the Promised Land. Moses led the Israelites southeast from the Red Sea into the Desert of Shur on the Sinai Peninsula (Exodus Map, 2002, p. 107). For three days the Israelites traveled on foot through the desert until they reached Marah.  At Marah, the Israelites expected to find fresh water; instead the water was bitter. We are not told in what way the water was bitter; but, it could have had high concentrations of salt.  If the Israelites drank the water, they would have become dehydrated and died.

Probably, the Israelites were foot sore, hot from traveling through the desert, and feeling the…

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