It is Birthday Time, Again!

Next week I will be having a birthday, again! This brings to mind the year that I turned 50, which hit me hard! In the process of working through my shock, I wrote a poem that paved the way for me through the following years. I am posting it for anyone is who having a difficult time accepting their age, feeling that time has passed them by and they have missed the opportunity to achieve their dreams. I have aged 20 years, since I wrote this poem, and I have accomplished more than I ever had in the previous 50 years, all put all together!  So, never think that it is too late or that you cannot achieve your dreams.


I just turned 50, and, oh what a shock! It’s now half a century, and, I’ve “been round the block”.

My body is aching, from injuries of old, and the hairs will keep graying, from what I’ve been told.

My teeth are, constantly, in need of repair, and, I see sagging muscles where my body is bare.

The print keeps getting smaller, when I try to read, and, I’m beginning to feel like a cat that’s been treed.

There’s no escape and no turning back, and, acceptance is hard, —- I don’t want to stay on this track!

Now, the only reasonable thing to do, is to think of this transition, with thoughts anew.

I’ve earned some gold stars, along the way, and all that I learned, will come into play.

With each new experience, came a lesson so true, so that, now, I am ready to start life anew!

There are so many things, I have yet to do, and, the years that are left, are precious and few.

Although I have said, “a hundred I’ll be”, five decades go fast, from what I can see.

So, instead of thinking, that “I’m over the hill”, I’ll head for the mountain, and climb on still.

The way is prepared, and God has a plan, to lead me to how, I may benefit “man”.

Copyright 1996 Delores Malcomson

You have my permission to publish this, as long as you put my name in the credits, Delores.




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