And there she was… our bright light at the end of the tunnel

This is the warmest blog that you will ever read! A very happy and proud man relates the day that he became a father!

The New Age Dad

10:33pm, Sunday, August 21, 2016 – the date and time has been etched into my rather porous memory, for life. The moment of revelation, the day I became a father. There she was, in her glorious pink pureness, surrounded by the verdant garden of scrubs, putting her lungs to the ultimate test – my daughterhad announced her arrival; loud and clear.

6:00pm-Sabiha’s (my wife)contractions were picking up speed, but not frequentenough for us to panic. Anyway this was more or less a planned visit, the doctor wanted us in around 9.30pm, in order to induce her so she could deliver the next day,but the baby had other plans. We had already replayed this situation in our heads multiple times. Our bag was already packed a good month in advance. We made sure we took everything required for the birth of our unborn child – mother’s clothes, baby clothes, swaddles, mittens…

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