The Exodus As You Have Never Experienced It!

It is amazing that sometimes something can be right in front of us and we cannot see it, especially when we are expecting it to be somewhere else. This appears to be the case of the land where Moses took the Israelite’s, as they fled Pharaoh and the Egyptians, during their Exodus in the Bible. No one knows the exact location of Mt. Sinai, but it is speculated to be in Israel. But, if we look at, exactly, what is described in the Bible, itself, and concentrate on those words, it is possible to trace the actual path that the Israelite’s took as they escaped Pharaoh and his army.

Here is a video that traces the path of the Israelite’s, according to the actual words in the Bible, and the landscape evidence that has been found. You will see the darkened and burnt mountain top of Mt. Sinai, the massive rock that Moses split for water that could quench the thirst of the millions of thirsty Israelite’s, the evidence of the alter of the Golden Calf, complete with the graffiti of the Egyptian cows etched into the rocks. And, you will see more evidence that the Israelite people were encamped in that land.  

Watch for, yourself, and make up your own mind. 


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