God Bless America!

We, often, say “God Bless America”. But, what do those words, actually, mean? What is in your mind when you hear them? Are they more than just a phrase to you?

Do you believe that America became a great and strong nation, that was respected by the whole world, because it was blessed by God? If you do, do you know why God blessed this country?

Were you ever told, or have you learned, that NY City was the 1st Capitol of the Unite States, before it was moved to Washington D.C.? When George Washington was elected President he was inaugurated on the balcony of Federal Hall building, on Wall Street, New York, and he took the oath of office with his hand on the Bible, as he was sworn in. We have followed this tradition from that point on, with every president following the same pattern.

We all know the story of St. Paul’s Chapel, in New York City, that was the only building left standing on Ground Zero after the 911 Attack and is, now, known as “The Little Chapel That Stood”. That little chapel did not even have a crack in it! And, it was used as a place of refuge and comfort for recovery workers. You can do a google search and learn so much more about this little chapel and it’s connection to 911. But, there is more to the story. St. Paul’s Chapel is where President Washington took the First Congress, immediately after his Inauguration, to pray and dedicate this country to God, as they asked for His blessing on America, while on their knees. This country was made great because it was dedicated to God and He has blessed it, exceedingly, as President Washington and the First Congress asked Him to do.

Honoring God, this country included Him in it, until the last Century. We used to maintain His 10 Commandment monuments, throughout our public lands, but we have allowed them to be removed! We still have the 10 Commandments in our many of our court houses and Government buildings, because they are deemed, by the courts, to have historical, not just religious, values; but, they are constantly under threat and have been removed in some states. We had the 10 Commandments and prayer in the schools, but, we have allowed them to be taken out. Little by little God is being taken out of this country and is becoming relegated to the church or home, only. In public schools, our children are not being taught about the religious beginning of this country and how God has blessed it. They are devoid of this information unless they learn about it at home or in the churches.

Do you think that God will continue to bless America if we do not give it back to Him? How can He bless this country if we will not acknowledge or honor Him? Do you think that America will survive without God? Do you think that God will be able to protect us from our enemies if we will not allow Him to be in the land to do so?

Here is a very interesting video to ponder:



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