how to overcome writer’s block

Terrific article for writers! When you get a touch of writers block here are tips for getting past it.


Writing is one activity which sounds and looks very easy until you have to pick up your pen to start writing and then it’s the other way round. Writing involves using written words to express ideas, opinions, thoughts, experience, etc.

Every single person that picks up a pen to start writing must in the first place have something to write about or better still holding a pen would inspire or bring about an idea to write about. It normal to start writing and then at a point there is this blockage where inspiration seizes to flow, you ran out of ideas and everything is just frustrating which would eventually lead to you abandoning the piece you were writing. Like this is so normal and it can be annoying and disturbing.

First we have to identity some causes to writer’s block

  • Wrong timing
  • Fear
  • Too many ideas at once
  • Lack of…

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