If you are discouraged and feel that it is not worth your time to vote, remember that this country was established with freedom and the ability for you to cast your vote! We need to exercise our right!
Many of us, on both sides of the aisle, have been, extremely, frustrated and have had enough of “The Establishment” and what it has been doing to our country. That is why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have gained so many supporters. Over the past years, it has not mattered whether we have voted Republican or Democrat, we have gotten the same agenda — the “One World Order” agenda, that both parties have been promoting and pushing for. That is one in the same as The Globalists, who put the World first, above America’s best interests. But, many of us want our country back and to have it put it first, again. We want what our Founding Fathers established for this nation, to be, “one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all”.
America became the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world because it was dedicated to God by President George Washington and the First Congress when they prayed in St. Paul’s Chapel, immediately after the Inauguration of Washington. And, that same chapel was the only building left standing on Ground Zero, after the 911 Attack! That was not by accident or coincidence, God blessed that little chapel and made it a sacred building, because of the prayer that President Washington and Congress made to honor God.
We have been a proud and blessed nation that has shared our blessings and wealth with the rest of the world, giving our best and sending aid to all other countries in need. We have been a great people, in a great nation, that other people in the world have admired and longed to come to, to receive the opportunities that America has provided to its’ citizens. We praised God for his blessing on us and erected and maintained the 10 Commandment monuments through out our land, until we allowed others to intimidate us into having them removed under the guise of Church and State.
The problems that have been occurring in our country are because we have been turning away from God and His will and are not honoring His Commandments, right down to the point of killing our unborn children. We have ceased to acknowledge that is has been by God’s blessing that this nation became great and free! If we do not exercise our right to vote, and make the attempt to maintain this country under God, we will lose our country and lose God’s blessing. So many have fought and died to maintain this country, are we going to let their efforts and sacrifices die in vain and let America dissolve into the control of the One World Government? It is a now, or never decision. If we sit back and let ourselves be intimidated into thinking that we are not a great people and that is was not by God’s Hand that America came into existence, we will be giving this nation over to those who will take away our rights by revising, or eliminating, our Constitution, that has protected us and kept us free, and we will end up being controlled by the The Charter of the United Nations, instead of the U.S. Constitution. This is what Hillary Clinton wants for this country, this is what the Bush dynasty wants for this country, this is what both political parties have been pushing for many decades.
The only chance that we have to restore the greatness of this country, and to further what the Founding Fathers established this nation to be, is to vote for someone who is not following The Establishment agenda and the only one that fits that description is Donald Trump. If you are concerned that he does not have the political experience that our Establishment politicians have, realize that he knows how to surround himself with advisers and a cabinet that he can depend on to help him. He has had the wisdom and expertise to choose men and women to assist him in building his vast empire and fortune, which has taken the ability to delegate and to be a wise and prudent overseer. You may not like his tone, but, he, certainly, has been able to use it to deal with all the men and women of power, in diverse countries, to achieve his business goals. He will be able to do the same as the President of this country. Like it or not, being President requires a business mind and the ability to “make deals”, if you think otherwise, you are naive.
Whatever you want for this country, Hillary and the Globalist agenda or Trump and his desire to restore America, you must be responsible enough to cast your vote for it, otherwise you will get only what others will vote in for you.

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