Top 4 Things Recovery Has Taught Me

This is a terrific article by a woman who has conquered a devastating illness. I am re-posting it to help others to understand anorexia and, also, in the hope that it will benefit those who are battling this ailment.


I feel like recently, Facebook has taken it upon itself to make me feel as old as possible. Haha

I kid you not, every day it seems like I’m getting a notification that “so and so and I have been friends for 9 years!” Or “this happened 8 years ago today!” And it assaults you with a grainy photograph that reminds you that you’re no longer a spring chicken.

Just me?


But it’s actually really quite interesting, having all these old pictures get unearthed and thrown at me like an N’Sync jam at a present day wedding reception. Out of left field, and slightly jarring.

Because with each of these photos, I can remember exactly where I was in my recovery. I can remember how I felt about myself, what my exercise/food regimen was at the time (which for a long time into my recovery was still an…

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