ARTIFICIAL DREADLOCKS: true  hair review and maintenance 


Dreads: Ever since, have always admired dreads like I really it’s been my dream to have dreads on but then I was so discouraged about having one done because of all the things I heard like it’s going to cut my hair, I have to be on low cut to make it, it’s annoying, not easy to maintain and so many other stuff; I then felt I could never have one done. One day I learnt one could have dreads one I mean artificial dreads like wow I was supper excited.

I then decided to try it on and wow to my surprise it wasn’t anywhere near all the rumors I heard. Having dreads on is so easy and nice. All you have to do is simple:

* buy the artificial dreads. For mine I used “noble gold” which was just 3500 or 4000 can really remember. Two packs would…

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