Why did the 9/11 “Tree of Hope” near ground zero die?



By Lou T DeMaria

What was the tree of hope?

The tree of hope was a tree that was planted in front of St. Paul’s chapel near ground zero after the events of the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster. All the buildings that surrounded the twin towers except that church was destroyed. There was a sycamore tree the protected the St. Paul’s chapel. This sycamore tree took the brunt of the trauma when the towers collapsed. In effect, the tree was dead after the destruction. But St. Paul’s chapel remained standing and the only damage it suffered was a cracked window. After these events, Pastor Jonathan Cahn, the Messianic leader for Beth Israel congregation in Wayne, NJ was lead by the holy spirit to write about this event and the name of his book is “The Harbinger” which greatly details why this happened. I highly recommend getting this book and…

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