Creating a Post & Packaging Workstation

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Do you run out of packaging unexpectedly? Ever had to quickly order envelopes after an increase in sales?  Sarah Beever from Sarah Beever Design gave us some tips on how to prepare for these kind of situations.


Sarah created this post & packaging workstation to help her keep track of her postal supplies more easily.  After buying the big letter rack from Ikea for £25 she now keeps everything including scales, stamps, cards and leaflets in it.

Having everything in one place makes reordering much easier.  It also means she can include a card and leaflet in every package that she sends out as her workstation is stocked ready for when the orders come in.

Sarah buys most of her packaging in bulk from ebay.  This includes padded envelopes and large letter boxes as using them help keep the cost of postage down.  Sarah feels that the increase in sales that she…

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