My top 10 podcasts I listen to while knitting

I have no idea what a pod cast is but it sounds like a great idea! Here are her recommendations for good ones.

Funky Air Bear

IMG_9596What do you while knitting?

We live in an age where the word “multitasking” isn’t as exotic as it used to be 10 years ago. It’s just simply how things are done. How many times do you do something without something else going on at the same time? That is especially true when you have a huge love of knitting. I don’t know about you, but when I knit and count stitches, I can’t really do anything else without making mistakes on the pattern I’m using. But then there are times when I reach a part of the pattern where I just have to knit and knit without counting. These are the times when I always come up with ideas of something else to do. Yes, it almost always includes several trips to the fridge.

I really wanted to use this time to read a book but it’s hard because I…

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