Unique Home and Office Decor

Along with my unique photography Limited Edition photographs, I am, now, offering derivatives of 5 x 7 framed prints, in Ishi Gallery, on Etsy.  Here is one of the images that you will see.

This image is called Starburst and it is one of several images that are available as framed prints.  This dynamic print has a striking black frame with an antiqued gold inner band that enhances the orange and gold radiating grass reeds that I surrounded the red and black painted rock of this picture.  It has clear shiny glass over the print, rings for hanging on the wall and an easel for standing on a table, desk or on a shelf in a bookcase.


You can see the other framed prints (with more to come within the next week), as well as the original photographs that they are derived from, in the gallery. The gallery, also, has greeting cards and note cards, that were derived from the photographs as well as painted rocks, gourds and boxes, and tote bags, coffee mugs, and other derivatives.  Click on this link to go to the gallery:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/IshiGallery



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