Cool Glass Jewelry Pink, Yellow, and Green Iridescent and Metallic Flower Pendant Necklace

Unique trending jewelry colorful iridescent necklace. A lovely, sparkly flower necklace with a neon colored glass crystal flower pendant, that has been beaded with crackle glass cube beads in pink, yellow, and peridot green, separated by foil lined glass seed beads. The pendant is a man-made glass crystal and it has a silver tone backing that creates lots of depth and color, and it changes color as it moves and acts like a mood necklace.  Click on the photo to be taken to the listing where you can see more information.  As a WordPress viewer you can apply Coupon Code WP2000 for 20% off.

Iridescent Flower glass necklace  1  brighter lighter adjusted  DSCF9712 Iridescent Flower glass necklace 2 adjusted ++   DSCF9716 Iridescent Flower glass necklace 3 adjusted    DSCF9714


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