Domino Girl Pendant Necklace. So Cool!


Check this out!  The pendant was made from a Domino tile.  My friend Debra Griffith of DebsDisanDat shop on Etsy is the designer and creator of this fantastic pendant.  She gave it to me and said that she wanted to see how I would bead it into a necklace.   It was so much fun to create this necklace!  When I found the beautiful golden shell beads, I was delighted, since they match the pendant perfectly!  The red sponge coral beads, on either side of the pendant, are a lovely complement to the pendant colors, and they are the same coppery color as the sides and back. Of course, the black beads are wonderful accents to the black detailing on the pendant.  As soon as I completed the necklace and listed, it it sold!

I love a challenge, and I love to design and create unique and fascinating jewelry.  If you would like to see more of my creations, check out my Jewelry by Ishi shop, on Etsy, at:


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