The Beginning of Fall

Fall is in the air, here in the Pacific Northwest.  The mornings are cooler with a crisp freshness to the air. The leaves are turning golden and amber and orange.  On windy days the leaves are flying through the air! Summer is fading away, but it looks like we are going to have an Indian Summer with warm dry days. This is one the prettiest times of the year.  Butterflies and flying insects are still winging about and the baby birds, that hatched in the spring, are almost fully grown and ready to experience their first winter without the aid of their parents care.

At Jewelry by Ishi, fall presents lovely jewelry creations to add to your collection.  Here are some that may interest you.  To learn more about these pieces and to see more photos, click on the photographs below.  il_570xN.408771888_98czil_570xN.504724016_n39kil_570xN.291330025il_570xN.585593656_92mxgm


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