Ammonites and Ammonite Jewelry

  1. A fully formed ammonite.
    An ammonite that has been cut in half.
    Ammonites were prolific breeders, lived in schools, and are among the most abundant fossils found today. They went extinct with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, can you image that! Scientists use the various shapes and sizes of ammonite shells, that appeared and disappeared through the ages, to date other fossils. The name “ammonite” was inspired by the spiral shape of their fossilized shells, which resemble tightly coiled rams horns. The largest ammonite recorded is 61/2 feet in diameter, but, the marjority of ammonites are small with the largest ones only reaching 9″ in diameter. The smaller ones, 2″ and less, make beautiful jewelry. If you would like to learn more about ammonites, click on this link to go to the Wikipedia article about them:
    When I discovered ammonite pendants, I decided that I, just, had to create necklaces with them!  My mind started to imagine the possibilities of complementary pearls and beads that I could use to create beautiful designs.  Below, is a picture of one of the necklaces that I have in my Jewelry by Ishi shop, on Etsy.  You can see the listing by clicking here: 
    This necklace has a pendant with an ammonite that has been cut in half and double set into a silver setting.  I beaded the pendant with beautiful round Bronzite stone beads and lovely brown freshwater pearls, accented with silver disk shaped beads.

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