Red Coral Statement Necklace with Carved Red Cinnabar and Cloisonne beads, Freshwater Pearls, Matching Drop Earrings

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Cinnabar, also known as Chinese Lacquer, is a famous Chinese handicraft. Traditionally, cinnabar items were created by painting multiple layers of lacquer onto an item, letting the item dry between each coat, and then carving the resulting layers of lacquer into beautiful patterns. Cinnabar gets its name from the toxic red mineral cinnabar (mercury sulfide) that was once used to give the distinctive red color to the lacquer used in the process. Today, cinnabar jewelry is formed from a dyed red resin that contains no harmful cinnabar mineral. However, the look is largely the same. 

I just finished this beautiful necklace and earring set that feature red carved cinnabar.  The brilliant red coral beads and the exquisite, Vintage, handmade red floral cloisonne disk beads are perfect complements to the cinnabar pendant and beads.  Ornate gold beads and white freshwater pearls complete the design.  To see more photos and learn more about this gorgeous set, click here:


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